Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Devil's Footsteps - By E.E. Richardson

"One in Fire, two in blood
Three in storm and Four in Flood. 
Five in Anger, Six in hate, 
Seven Fear and Evil Eight. 
Nine in Sorrow, Ten in Pain,
Eleven Death, Twelve - life again. 

Thirteen steps to the Dark Man's door,
Won't be turning back no more..."

Every town has one, a scary children's rhyme, a myth, a legend. This one belongs to the town of Redford. Legend has it there are 13 stepping stones hidden somewhere in the woods, each number representing the way you will die. If you find them and sing this rhyme as you hop along the stones the Dark Man takes you on the last one.

This is how the story starts with Bryan (age 8) and Adam (age 10), brothers messing about with a power neither fully understands. On that fateful day Adam is taken by the Dark Man and never seen again, Bryan left behind to live with the guilt of running away from his brother.

This is a great book and very easy to read. It has a very Stephen King-esk feel to it - reminded me a lot of 'IT'. Three friends trying to piece together the puzzle of the eerie feeling that has always settled around the town of Redford, the adulst and residents who turn the other way, pretend it doesn't exist and the mystery of the missing children that stretch back to when the town first began. 

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