Friday, August 5, 2016

F L A W E D - by Cecelia Ahern

My best friend lent this book to me in preparation for a book club meeting that she wanted me to join in at the end of July. She gave it to me towards the beginning of June and assured me that I had more than enough time to finish it before the book club.
I was a bit apprehensive as I'd only just bought something like 24 books and I was planning on getting through as many of them as possible.

I picked up Flawed one Monday night to begin reading and by the end of Tuesday I was finished. 
I could NOT put the book down. 

It's set in a present day, yet somewhat dystopian world where the government has appointed a group of people called 'The Guild' to hand out punishments for those who display a lack of judgement. For your lack of judgement you get branded with an "F" on the particular part of the body that housed the lack of judgement. For an intention meant well but gone bad - your temple. For untruthful speech - your tongue. For judgement of the heart - your chest. For stealing - the palm of your right hand and for running away - the sole of your foot. 

For Celestine her life is perfect and all going according to plan. Everything is great at school, she has an amazing boyfriend and a loving family - until one day she makes a public choice that changes her life forever. 

The action is non stop as we follow Celestine in her new life as being "Flawed". Love and support flow forth from the most unlikely of characters and a mysterious boy promises to find her. I couldn't put this book down for the mere fact that I wanted to know more, more, MORE. How disappointed I was to find out that the rest of the story doesn't come out till April 2017. 

Ahern's character development leaves much to be desired & her plots are a little transparent (but maybe I'm just to used to reading mysteries). All in all it was a good read, Flawed shows that is only Human to err and that Good cannot exist without the Bad. 

I'll give it a 7 /10

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