Friday, July 14, 2017

What's Next...

This right here is my new current to be ready pile, it is literally what is on my bedside table right now. I was going to post about all the books my best friend gave me but we're currently in the middle of open homes and it was far too much effort to take them all out of the box. I sorted through the NOW, LATER and MAYBE piles. All of the Classics (Austin, Dickens, Twain etc.) went into the later pile. They're books I NEED to read but I'm not really in the mood for right now. The now pile as you can see consists of Stephen King, Irvine Walsh and a few others that I've been meaning to get around to reading but never have.

Because basically everything King does is brilliant I'm not going to be reviewing anything. I know I'm going to enjoy every book so we'll just keep it at that.
The majority of my maybe pile also made it to the now pile - it's a bunch of small books that I can easily fit into my bag for work to read. It'll definitely help me get through me TBR pile faster. Especially since Canada is looming and I don't have that much time left to get through all the books I want to read.
 Also I'm going to need to start packing away everything I have already read to go into storage because I'll be moving into my new place in a couple of weeks and I need to seriously downsize. So you probably won't see much of me for the next couple of weeks - unless my BFFL gives me something new I need to read.

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