Friday, August 4, 2017

You've Got Mail - Update #1

Open homes are still ruling my life at the moment and the past few weeks have been so hectic it's been difficult to find the time to actually read. I've been trying to put aside even half an hour of my night before I go to sleep to read - but even then, sleep is slightly more important.

I've just finished reading 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck. It was in my pile of books that I could take to work to read. It's a classic - one of those books I knew I had to read and I enjoyed it. It gave me hope of being an author one day as it isn't very big. So even if I start out small, it might just end up being a classic one day!

I am still trudging along through my first book in my Stephen King pile, 'Needful Things'. So far it's everything I was expecting from a King novel. If I ever get the chance one day I would love to just sit down and have a conversation with him - see how his mind works. As I've mentioned before I think everything King does is genius. I love his play with sci-fi and the supernatural. And how all of his stories are based in the real world. In places that actually exist. And even though he is writing about aliens or a 'demon' of some kind he writes it in such a way that it is believable. He writes the antagonists as if they could be real people in your life. It almost makes you look a little closer at the people around you - and pay more attention to those strange feelings you get. I think I love his writing under is pseudonym way more! I love they way he takes our thoughts and best intentions and twists it. I feel like he sits down and goes - right, what is the worst a human could do if they were given the opportunity and goes a bit further than the worst. I love how dark his writing, topics and themes are. I love how he can find horror in the everyday mundane.

Next on my list are the above two series. And I am SO excited to jump back into other worlds. I've been needing a break from reality so bad and as much as I love stand alone novels, nothing brings me more joy than a series - and I've heard great things about both. Obviously I got the above from my lovely Bestfriend (honestly, I feel sorry for everyone else because they aren't best friends with her, she is the greatest), who is always reading amazing new books and letting me borrow said books when she is done. It's like she is my own personal library. She loves both series and I trust her judgment above all. We're generally quite different as best friends go but when it comes to books our tastes become one.

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