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I think after reading comtemporaries for so long (for me) the "Forever" Series what a good series to jump back into the world of fanasy. It was still based in the real world but with fantasy entertwined - a very believable werewolf story which I was very thankful for. In all honestly, it took me WAY longer than it should have to get through the series - and it was probably a combination of being too busy at work and not being as into the story as I'd hoped I'd be. I had planned on writing a review but it took me so long to read that anything I'd wanted to say has completely left my brain. I think I'll have to do a re-read if I have any hope of writing a half decent review. So, I'm not wasting any time in writing the "A Court Of..." Series reviews. I was planning on writing a review on the whole series once I was done but I decided I'll just do it one book at a time. So... without further ado (and potential spoilers)..

Image result for a court of thorns and rosesA COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES - By Sarah J. Maas.

Feyre is human. A huntress. At 19, the youngest of a poor family,  she is trying to keep her Dad and two sisters alive. They weren't always poor. Her Dad was successful, until he made a critical error and ended up losing money for the wrong people, which cost him is job - and nearly his life. Feyre's older sisters Nesta and Elain, who still remember living in luxuary, struggle to come to terms with poverty. 

Feyre is hunting to feed her family when she too makes a critical error - she kills a wolf, but not just any wolf. The wolf she kills is actually a faerie.

An exciting journey unfolds as she is swept away by a Beast-like creature to pay for killing the wolf-faerie. Friends are made, albeit cautiously, a romance blossoms, a curse needs to be broken and an enemy makes their way ever closer.

Okay so can we just pause a minute to talk about how much I wish Fae were real. Because OMG. I wish Fae were real. In every book I've ever read involving Fae all the legends and stories are the same. The can't lie yet they choose their words very wisely. They are very tricky and mischevious. They are beautiful and magical and they aren't afraid of their promisquity. I just, I need a beautiful Fae man in my life. And faerie males in this book make me want one even more. 

I think one of the things I enjoyed about this book was how loosely it was based off Beauty and the Beast. Feyre is whisked away by a beastlike creature to the Spring Court to live out the rest of her days as punishment for killing the wolf-faerie. The Beastlike-creature as well as the entire Spring Court has been cursed to roam around for the rest of their lives with masks that obscure their faces; who they truely are. 
Tamlin is our beastlike creature - devistatingly beautiful. He is Feyre's captor and protector. 
Along with his friend and emissary, Lucien (from the Autumn Court), they show Feyre all that life has to offer being a fae - and a High Fae none the less. They show her riches beyond her wildest dreams and she gets used to living a life of weath and leisure. 

Feyre is by no means my favourite character in this book but I really enjoy her development. 
She is very much the type of girl who has been forced to fight to survive her entire life. To begin with she fights against everything but she is so young so of course when you have someone who takes care of you and protects you and makes sure you have every comfort you ever wanted your resolve will break and your walls will fall. Because it's nice to have someone give a shit about you. It's nice to not have to worry about defending yourself. So as Feyre warmed up to Tamlin, so did I. 
Even though he was unlike anything Feyre had ever experience before, and even though he harboured many secrets from her, he also cared for her, which was something she was never used to. He made sure she was safe; and the fact that he was beautiful definitely helped her fall for him. Even though I was weary of him I started to think that maybe my sceptism was misplaced. 

Although, somewhere around the middle we get introduced to Rhysand. Who is definitely right up my ally being the type of guy I'd most definitley go for. Obviously beautiful, but dark and dangerous and mysterious. The type of guy you know you should have no business wanting but that makes you just want him even more. 
I found myself reading more quickly, just wanting to get another glimpse of him. Find out more about who he is. We only see him a couple of times in this book. And he is an arrogant ass hat who has some hold over Tamlin - and seems far too interested in Feyre. But most of that just seems to be because it seems to bother Tamlin. 
There was a part of me that thought for a bit it was because Rhysand was in love with Tamlin - but let me just say, I'm very glad I was wrong. 

What I did enjoy as well was that the plot develops really quickly without leaving you feeling like you've missed out on major character developments. 
And things manage to go from bad to worse really fast but it keeps you on your toes. It was honestly one of those books where I wasn't sure the leads would make it out alive (and maybe that just comes from reading Game of Thrones) but I was honestly hoping that Feyre would pull through. Also, the antogonists in the book are very evil. Some not for any reason at all other than because they are pure, vile creatures. Which I enjoyed as well because intrinsically evil characters literally can and will do anything - they have no rhyme or reason for being evil. They just are. And I'm not going to delve into the main Antagonist at all because honestly, when she turned up things got very very interesting so I'll leave you all to read the book and find out for yourself but by the end of it I was left feeling content that what needed to be done was done, and excited to find out more about how Rhysand would continue to fit into the whole picture. 

Over all I give A Court of Thorns and Roses a very strong 8/10. Would definitely read again.

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