Friday, November 24, 2017

You've Got Mail #2

It is Saturday morning and I am awake before 10!
Actually - now that I think about it, this has been happening more often than not of late as life has actually just been stupidly busy.
I had all of the good intentions to review the Forever series once I was done reading it all but every time I sat down to write it I came up blank.

I've now finished - and I'm still coming up blank. I even went as far to open a word document to write as I got through each book and then post it all at once so I wasn't trying to sit there remembering every detail from all 3 books and the feels I felt while reading it but here I am. Still unable to write anything constructive. 

It has taken me a REALLY long time to get through them and I don't know whether that was a lack of the story grabbing me or whether I just had far too many other things going on in my life.
Maybe I'll do a proper review at some point in the future but for now I'll just say a few words.
The imagery was beautiful; and honestly after the Raven Cycle I expected nothing less from Stiefvater. The twist on the original werewolf legend is super interesting and even though it took an age and then some to get through the books I wish there was more to it. I know it's not really the point of the book but I'm super interested in the werewolf situation and how that can be fixed. I think they're books I can really get behind but maybe just need to be in right state of mind for. 

On the other hand, I started reading A Court of Thorns and Roses on Tuesday and I am almost finished. It is so flipping good. I wish Faeries were real. The most interesting mythical creatures. I feel like the more I read about them the more obsessed I become.
Not sure whether I'll write a review yet but maybe I should. We'll see how life goes in the next couple of weeks with Christmas looming. 

I have many plans to travel these holidays; many road trips planned so maybe keep an eye out for my Travel Diary Blog - which is very much neglected at the moment. But I might take a pause in my first Africa trip (still!) to update some fun trips around New Zealand with Family and Friends. And then hopefully when Canada becomes a thing there'll be more travel things to write about.

Till next time - C xx

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